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Time Attack Championship Free

Prepare yourself for the spectacle that can only be Time Attack. Watch drivers push their cars to the limit in their quest to set the fastest lap around the track, in cars that range from tuned and recognisable road-going examples, to some of the most serious machinery on the planet. Go Japan at Brands Hatch hosts the seventh of the season’s eight rounds as competitors battle to become 2024 champion.

Now in its 19th year, Time Attack has evolved to become one of the most significant and engaging forms of motorsport there is. It defines the art of focused car modification by providing aftermarket tuners – both amateur and professional – with a platform on which to prove themselves in the most convincing way possible. Find out more about Time Attack: HERE

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Motorsport UK Drift Pro Championship Free

Prepare yourself for spectacle not to be missed, as the seventh round of the Motorsport UK Drift Pro Championship takes place at Go Japan. Come and watch the best-of-the-best battle it out.

Time Attack, MSV (the circuit operators) and Motorsport UK has formed an alliance to create the Motorsport UK Drift Pro Championship – a move set to re-establish top-tier Drifting in Britain.

As well as watching the action on the track, you can also get up close and personal with the cars and drivers – with teams more than happy to chat about their sport and show you around their cars within the Drift Hyper Paddock.

With sideways smoke-fest action guaranteed, grab your cameras, kids and friends – and enjoy a display of full-throttle motorsport you won’t forget!

To find out more about the Motorsport UK Drift Pro Championship, click HERE

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Racing Hondas Championship Free

The Racing Hondas Championship comes to Go Japan with rounds thirteen and fourteen of this year’s 16-round season.

The Racing Hondas Championship, supported by Japanese performance specialists Tegiwa Imports, has been created specifically for Honda owners who are looking to race their cars in a no-fuss, easy-to-enter, highly competitive championship that offers fantastic value for money. To keep things close, the field is split into four classes defined by power-to-weight ratios and the level of modification.

The season features 16 rounds over seven race weekends at six different circuits, each comprising Free Practice, Qualifying and two races – all 15 minutes in duration. So get set for close racing, flat-out driving and screaming VTEC action!

For more information, click HERE

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

JDM Legends Free

We are excited to present an array of famous, unique and ouststanding Japanese hero cars from the past and present that have previously been icons of the track, shows and magazines.

Rarely will you see some of the most legendary Japanese cars in one place and en-mass. These cars will not only be on static display, but will also perform live demonstrations on the track. Indeed, if you have a car that falls into the icon category that you think we should be inviting, please get in touch with details of what you have and the history behind it. Invitations are open for race, tuning and street cars of notable fame. We look forward to hearing from you – and seeing you on the day!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Official Go Japan Cosplay Team Free

Experience the captivating world of Japan’s iconic hobby of cosplay with our professional team at Go Japan! Our talented cosplayers are dedicated to bringing the vibrant and imaginative spirit of cosplay to life, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Meet them at the gate from morning till evening, take pictures, and chat about their favourite shows, games, or even cars. Their goal is to inspire everyone to join in the fun, so come in costume and be part of the magic. Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or a curious newcomer, now’s your chance to dive into the stunning and distinctive world of cosplay!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Show & Shine Competition Free

Show and Shine at Go Japan! is like no other competition of its kind. It offers a range of prizes for best overall and the top cars in each category and gives owners the opportunity to showcase their pride and joy in front of 1000s of car enthusiasts. And of course, it has to be Japanese!

Always boasting an impressive array of cars – and even bikes – it’s a key part of the the Show & Shine concept, where owners can display their creations and cherished positions – and in doing so, be rewarded for their efforts.
This year’s competition is generously supported by the prestigious care care product brand, SONAX. So, if you have a vehicle you would like to enter, to find out more about the competition and book in, visit our SHOW AND SHINE PAGE

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Car Club Displays Free

Go Japan! has set out on a mission to present an amazing collection of clubs that represent Japan-manufactured cars in the UK. So, if you have a Japanese car that you’re proud of and would like to display it to the 1000s of enthusiastic fans at the show – well, now you can!

Go Japan is looking for single and multi-marque car clubs that truly represent what having an interest in Japanese cars is all about. From brand new to classics, from manufacturer-tuned to home-built specials – all are welcome. We’re expecting a high number of club cars to attend, so if you wish to have your club represented we urge you to complete the club booking form ASAP, as we operate on a first-come first-served basis and our events at Brands Hatch always fill up. Get your club coordinator to start the process by registered via our automated system HERE

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Trade Zone Free

A large and vibrant trade area will be a significant feature of the show. Incorporating an exhibition including some of the leading brands in the tuning industry, they’ll be a range of products and services – on display and for sale – together with the opportunity to speak to the experts who will be on-hand to answer your questions.

From styling and interior upgrades, engine parts, accessories’ clothing and stickers, our traders are all geared up to showcase the best on the market. In fact, we predict they’ll be something for everyone in our trade village. Be warned, we’re confident you’ll see something you want to buy, so be prepared; there’s a cash machine located at the top of Paddock Hill Bend! If you’re a trader, retailer or manufacturer and have products and services you would like to showcase or sell, visit our TRADE PAGE.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Drift Taxi Rides £25 per person

Catch a ride in a Drift Taxi

Take the Taxi ride of a lifetime! Buckle up and get ready to experience some serious sideways action.

Tunerfest has teamed up with PHDrift, the most advance Drift Academy in the UK, to bring you the most exciting taxi ride you’re ever likely to take and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the complete Drift experience.

To book a seat, head over to the Drift Pro Hyper Paddock – and buy your ticket!

Cost: £25 per person (gate ticket not included)

Japanese Food & Drink Experience See Restuarant/Bar

If you love Japanese style cuisine and street food, we have a treat for you, with a special menu availbale from the Kentagon restaurant. As they say, you should try everything once…

Experience a little slice of Japan for your lunch or maybe introduce a range of new flavours and textures to your children – and even yourself – during the day. As well as food why not try some Japanese beer or Sake!?

Cost: See Restuarant/Bar (gate ticket not included)

Japanese Beer & Sake Bar See Bar @ Kentagon Restuarant

Try Japanese Beer and Sake and expand your taste buds!

Visit the Kentagon bar and restuarant where you’ll find a selection of Japanese brand beer and Sake behind the counter. If you haven’t experienced these beverages before and you’re old enough to do so, why not grab one with your lunch and see what the hype is all about. The Beer and Sake drinks, as well as a normal stocked drinks, will be on sale in the Kentagon bar and sold by MSV, located at the top of the outer-paddock along Colin Chapman way.

Cost: See Bar @ Kentagon Restuarant (gate ticket not included)

Japanese Eating Competition Free

Can you eat just about anything…and quickly? Well, now’s your chance to find out.

In association with Maids of England we are hosting a Japanese-themed eating competition; from the weird to the wonderful, how much and how quick can you eat? Sign up on the day and be the 2024 Go Japan Eating Competition Champion! 10 places are available.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Arts & Crafts Stall Free

Want to embrace your creative side? Then come to Go Japan! take a look and try out a range of crafts and pastimes.

We are inviting various arts and crafts groups and businesses to be join us to share various Japanese-themed creative crafts. There’ll be live demonstrations and the chance to try your hand at origami and other traditional crafts, as well as purchase items to take home and try.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Event Trophies & Awards Free

We have various awards and trophies on offer throughout the event for all the zones and activities that take place during the show.

Trophies and awards will be presented in the afternoon for Car Clubs, Show & Shine, Cosplay, the eating competition, including the best trade stands and individual exhibits. Timings will be confirmed in the event programme.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Kids Play Area Free

Bringing small people to the event? Great!

Brands Hatch is a family venue, it has great facilities for children, for sitting down having a picnic, eating at the restuarant, playing on the outdoor play centre, various clean toilets and more. Please bring your family, especially as under 12’s are free to get in. Bring ear noise defenders as the show and race cars can be LOUD!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

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